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Helping People Achieve their Vietnamese Learning goals

You can become fluent in Vietnamese

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About Our Founder

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Hi everyone, my name is Yuna Nguyen, I’m from Vietnam, I started SingChào with the goal to help

anyone interested in Vietnamese language and culture first hand. So, welcome everyone to join our Vietnamese express language class! 
I used to be an English Vietnamese interpreter for a few notable start-up companies, and realised the need for business people to fast forward their learning skills to communicate with Vietnamese people to enjoy their life in Vietnam. So welcome to SingChào my friends.

Key-points style Learning

Rest assured that you will only receive the essentials and key points that you need to achieve fluency in Vietnamese. No beating around the bush with confusing technical terms, we will go straight to the point, no deliberate lengthening of class and course duration.

 We will mainly focus on what is required for you to achieve fluency: There are 2 essentials that you need. SlashExpress™  method of learning, with English movie's Vietnamese subtitles, and VietNunciation™  drills, in no time you will be speaking Vietnamese like a cowboy.

No need to waste time anymore, just direct learning with SingChào.

Why learn Vietnamese

By understanding Vietnamese language yourself, you are able to interact with locals, and go around by yourself in vietnam, without getting lost and always bargain for the best price in Vietnam. You will also be able to find the most cost effective ways to work and live in Vietnam in any street, network and create meaningful relationships with new friends that you’d like to meet, whether you’d like to meet new friends online, or anywhere in Vietnam, in the restaurant, on the streets, you can be confident in your interactions by understanding Vietnamese language first hand. You will be able to do all these just by joining my SingChào express Vietnamese Learning.

SlashExpress!™  Development

When we developed our SlashExpress™  method, we have thought of the cutting edge way to learn Vietnamese, as all who have studied Vietnamese before, know that many other tutors teach words one by one, and it takes a long time for anyone to be fluent, one day we observed our student doing their Vietnamese revision and found that putting slashes across every vietnamese word, and then putting the transliteration below that sentence, made a very convenient way of learning, no need to flip through translation apps and no need one word by one word learning, it was truely and fantastical way of learning. We have thus adopted this way of learning since.

Ready to Kickstart Your Vietnamese Journey?

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