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First steps to learning vietnamese

“Dedication is import in learning Vietnamese, so we always tend to ask, how long do we need to learn vietnamese?.”

Over here, lets take a look at the desired pace of learning, based on what experts in language learning tell us and see how we can make it faster.

What’s the duration of expect to learn vietnamese.

US’s Foreign service instate says that those that are English native speakers take 1200 hours in class.

So means that if you are going to learn for 1 hour per day, in a week, you will only be proficient in vietnamese after 45 months, that’s like 3.5 years.

Not everyone agrees on the duration. But you and I don’t need to be proficient, we just need to speak vietnamese fluently. Or at the very least we want to learn how to talk to people on the street

What does it mean to be fluent?

The purpose of learning a language is to speak it without difficultly and with comfort.

For beginners, my suggestion is for us to try to remember the natural phrases that vietnamese people say.

I have been teaching many people vietnamese language, and my observations is that students can talk basically after 5 months, and 1 year later they become considered fluent.

Thats like only half of what FSI said.

If we learn things smartly, we can achieve that in half the time definitely.

What are 5 things that beginners can do to shorten the time we take to learn something

  1. We need to have a goal and what process needed, we will clearly write it

  2. If you have heard of the 80/20 rule, lets use it

  3. Let us use what we learnt to speak on a daily basis

  4. Lets find some vietnamese to listen, and try to note, what the context is being used.

  5. LANGUAGE EXCHANGE PARTNER that singchao provides

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