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SlashExpress!™️, Learn Vietnamese with Harry Potter subtitles! - Part #14


This is our regular series to help students learn Vietnamese better with literal translations to get used to Vietnamese grammar. This is free for now, do learn all you can when it is free! We love teaching the Vietnamese language to you who are so interested in Vietnamese culture. Welcome!

Read the instructions over here!

Because Vietnamese sometimes has 2 words for one word in English, it is the easiest to learn by putting slashes after all 1 or 2 words that mean one word in English, and then putting the words at the bottom in English, also separated by slashes, so that it is really easy for you to learn and revise what you learned in your Singchao class!

⁃ The first line, in black, is the Vietnamese subtitles of Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

⁃ The second line, in blue, is the literal translation, the words are literally in order, you can have a fun game trying to figure out the grammatical structure of Vietnamese, because we have not explained how grammar works in Vietnamese, you can do it, figure it out yourselves and have fun! Some sentences in Vietnamese have the same grammar as English, but sometimes Vietnamese grammar and English are more different though. It is important that you first get used to Vietnamese grammar by getting used to literal translations, get into the habit of Vietnamese grammar by using words in your mother tongue English, and you will have a breeze learning Vietnamese as well!!!

⁃ The third line, in black, is the original English movie script.

Additional advice: Do watch the movie, Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone once through, first, and you will SURELY have a better understanding of the subs, instead of just reading first hand off the bat ya.

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Have fun learning Vietnamese with harry potter! We love Harry Potter and believe you would too!


Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone, next 10 lines of the movie script:

1. …được/ điều hành /bởi/ hiệu trưởng/ tài năng/chưa/ từng/ thấy/ ở/ Hogwarts/, Cụ/ Albus Dumbledore./

Be/ operate/ by/ headmaster/ talented/ not yet/ ever/ see/ at/ Hogwarts/ Mr/ Albus Dumbledore

He'll be under the finest headmaster Hogwarts has seen, Albus Dumbledore.


I/ will/ not/ pay/ coin/ any/ for/ old man/ fool/ that/ teach/ guy/ Potter/ many/ trick/ magic

.I will not pay to have a crackpot old fool teach him magic tricks.

3. Không bao giờ /được/ xúc phạm /cụ/ Albus Dumbledore…/

Never/ can/ insult/ mr/ Albus Dumbledore

.Never insult Albus Dumbledore.…

4. ...trước /mặt/ ta/

In front of/ face/ me front of me.<

5. Bác/ sẽ/ rất /cảm kích /nếu /cháu/ không/kể/ chuyện/ này/ cho/ bất cứ/ ai/ ở/ Hogwart/

I/ will/ very/ thankful/ if/ you/ don’t/ tell/ thing/ his/ for/ any/ who/ at/ Hogwart

.I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone at Hogwarts about that.

6. - Ta/ không/ được /sử dụng/ phép thuật/, - Vâng ạ/

I/ not/ allowed/ use/ magic/ Yes sir

.~ I’m not allowed to do magic. ~ Okay.

7. Chỉ/ là/ một /nhiệm vụ/ bác/ phải/ thực hiện/

Just/ is/ a (one)/ misson/ I/ must/ do

.We're a bit behind schedule. Best be off.

8. dĩ nhiên/ nếu /cháu/ không/ muốn/ ở lại /đây/

Of course/ if/ you/ don’t/ want/ stay/ here

.Unless you'd rather stay, of course.

9. Học sinh/ năm/ nhất/ cần/ ba /bộ/ áo chùng/ thực tập/...

Students/ year/ first/ need/ three/ set/ overcoat/ intership

."All students must be equipped with.…

10. ...một/ cây đũa /phép/. "

One/ wand standard size 2 pewter cauldron...

What are the new words you learned today?

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See you soon!

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