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Vietnamese learning goals

vietnamese learning goals

“Next we will take a look at what having a clear learning goal is"

How come we do need learning goals?

Procrastination is usually the culprit to not learning properly, when we have goals that we have set clearly, we are able to overcome..”

But sad to say that many people do no have goals because we think that we will know vietnamese naturally

We may need 2 or more pace settings to speed up our learning process, then we are able to continue the habit of learning vietnamese well.

Do not feel like a faliure because if we dont focus on being fluent, and only focus on dedicating our effort to imporvement, it will not seem to take too long, and we can always enjoy talking with our language exchange partner.

Once we have set our learning process, the goal is also set

You will naturally focus on your goal on what to do on your process of learning vietnamese

Lets try to make sure we know what are our goals and the process, here are a few questions, I would like you to take out a pencil and paper to note down: 1. What’s the reason you are interested in learning vietnamese

  1. When you have learnt to speak well, what activities are you wishing that you would do?

  2. How would you feel when you are able to do these things that you want to do before learning vietnamese

  3. Right now, if there’s only one thing to start off, what would it be?

  4. Set aside some time: in a day, how many minutes or hours can you study vietnamese?

  5. Lets thing about 3 things that you can do routinely, surely doing it, to reach your goal slowly

POINT TO NOTE: do not be unmotivated, you can always reflect on these 6 questions that you have answered and remember how you will be feeling after achieving it and the 3 things you have done ion that day, and you will be one step closer to speaking Vietnamese with natives!

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