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SingChào provides 1 to 1 online
Vietnamese learning classes  

Why Learn With SingChào

We have develped our SlashExpress!™ method to fast forward learning for students. (what is SlashExpress!™)? We enjoy teaching Vietnamese and do not worry about boring classes because our goals are to develop a fun personality for teaching Vietnamese, you will never feel bored during class. We will learn by movie scripts, art, and stories, so that it is interesting and fun, we are always serious with making sure that in every session, our students meet their target for learning.

7 things that  you will learn that will express your Vietnamese Learning experience in SingChào!

Here are 7 things that you will learn when you join SingChào, and this are the reasons why learning with SingChào will make you a fast learner!

  1. SlashExpress™  part 1 - Vietnamese has many tones and sometimes 2 words make one word. During our class, the teacher will use our SlashExpress™ method, to help you to split up words to learn which are the most common 2 words that make up one word.

  2. SlashExpress™  part 2 - In the 2nd part of SlashExpress™ , we will use movie scripts with Vietnamese subtitles to teach you, so that you can learn how to speak and also read and write Vietnamese, it is an incredibly fun way to learn Vietnamese.

  3. Key Point Learning Strategy! - Help you to know and memorise the 1000 most common Vietnamese words and form sentences with it, you don’t have to search by yourself and learn wrong words that people do not use. We will also show you which apps that are good for you to remember Vietnamese vocabulary easily.

  4. VIETNUNCIATION™ drills! - we will use our special vietnunciation™  drills where the teacher will help to correct your tones and help you enunciate like a native speaker, we have specialised pronunciation drill sessions that will help you fast forward your ability to pronounce Vietnamese tones accurately.

  5. Translator Gator!™  - During our class, you can ask the teacher to help translate any message that you want, for anyone that you need to send a message for. 

  6. Quizz Galore! - We will do quizzes every lesson to make sure that you understand everything that you learnt in the previous lesson. Don’t underestimate this, with goal targeting like this, our students usually become fluent in Vietnamese half of the time, and so can you!

  7. Don't Forget Just Get Set! - we will learn at least 20 words in the previous lesson any by the 10th lesson you would have learnt at least 200 words. 

Our target for your Vietnamese learning journey, is 1000 Vietnamese words, so are you ready for this exciting journey with SingChào? Send us a message by clicking the "book your first class now", and start your Vietnamese journey now!

why singchao

Become better in Vietnamese, Together.

We enjoy teaching Vietnamese and do not worry about boring classes because our objective is to develop fun personalities in order to let the student learn in a way that is as fun as possible. However we are always serious with making sure that in every session, my students meet their target for learning.

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Simple & Approachable learning style

In SingChào you only expect that we will let students learn only by the easy way, using mnemonics and art and storytelling. So that you will not see yourself drudging through your learning process. 

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Integrate Easily with native Vietnamese people 

When all students join SingChào, you will be provided a language exchange partner and you can talk to them about topics that SingChào teacher provides, especially the things you have learnt in the previous lesson. Never miss out on learning easily.


Hear It from Our Customers

“Previously I had thought Vietnamese was really difficult to learn, and teacher Thuy has taught me how to see things clearly, and I am able to see that vietnamese is really not that difficult anymore, despite what many others say. Glad I joined SingChao.”

Alicia Tan, Yamaha Singapore

slash express

SlashExpress!™ by SingChào Easy-to-revise sentences

We created our SlashExpress!™ method because over our course of teaching experiences, we found one major hindrance that students face is when they look at Vietnamese sentences and sometimes see 2 words that make up 1 meaning, students get confused, but we always have teachers constantly making exclusive content for SlashExpress!™, to help SingChào students identify 2 words making one meaning and revise easily, for all students in SingChào! You can find SlashExpress!™ in our blog posts, and really fast forward your Vietnamese learning!

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How Do We Make Your Vietnamese learning Easier? 

Assign you a main language exchange buddy for easy revision

Only aiming for key learning points to save time

Revise easily with customised SlashExpress!™ 


Constant new revision material for express learning

Learn well the basics of Vietnamese, and Everything Is Possible


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